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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fargo Mortgage Presents

Premier Lender profile Deb Hjelmstad

Hometown: Fargo, N.D.
Your first job was: Working as an abstractor at Cass County Abstract Company, now known as Red River Abstract.
Favorite type of music: Light rock
Professional training: Licensed abstractor ??Did you or do you have a mortgage mentor? Ron Jordan and Susie Barta, who work with me in the mortgage department here. I've worked with both of them for many years.
What does a premier lender do on the weekend? Relax, read, go out with friends.
Highest interest rate you remember? 16% back in the '80s.
Favorite place to meet for a cup of joe? Starbucks.
Favorite family hangout? Our lake home on Lake Eunice, or our home in Fargo.
When I cook at home I like to ... : Invite people over. ??One thing every consumer should keep in mind when searching for a mortgage: Look for experience and someone who is looking out for your best interests as the borrower.
What is the most gratifying part of lending? Watching first-time home buyers get into their first home.
Your favorite charity and why: Holiday Clearing Bureau and the Rape & Abuse Crisis Center, because they help so many people who are truly in need.

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