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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fargo Mortgage Presents:

Name: Jeff Thomsen
Company: Journey Mortgage
Hometown: Fargo, ND

Your first job was: Truck Wash - Washing big rigs at the age of 13 with my father.
Favorite type of music: Classic Rock, Country
Professional training: Journey Mortgage Concepts of Mortgage's, High Trust Sales and Professional Ethics Training.
Did you or do you have a mentor? My long time friend and boss, Joe Southern.
What does a Premire Lender do on the weekend? Family time when not doing open houses and applications for my customers.
Highest interesrt rate you can remember? 14% in the mid 80's
Favorite Place to meet for a cup of joe? Luna Cafe
Favorite family hangout? Lake Isabelle, ND
When I cook at home I like to....
Experiment on the grill with different recipes for Cajun Steaks, Chicken and Mexican dishes.
One thing ever consumer should keep in mind when searching for a mortgage is: Make sure your credit is in check and always look at buying within your means. Don't forget about other costs of home ownership besides the mortgage payments.
What is the most gratifying part of lending? Helping Homebuyers get into that Dream Home.
Your Favorite Charity and why? Make-A-Wish...Helps kids achieve their dream, going to a theme park, meeting their favorite athlete, etc.

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