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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fargo Mortgage Presents:

Jeff Aafedt
Charter West Mortgage

Hometown: Born in Winterhaven, Florida but moved to Fargo at age 4. Graduated from Fargo North High School and NDSU in Fargo.
Your First job was: Setting trap at the west Fargo gun club at age 7.
Farorite type of music: Christian Rock.
Professional training: College, United States Air Force Pilot Training, various Type Ratings in the DC-9, Boeing 727, Airbus A-319/320 aircraft during my 21 year career at northwest airlines as a Captain and Instructor.
What does a Premier Lender do on the weekend? Continue to qualify and help people obtain affordable financing while they are looking at purchasing a home over the weekend, having to wait until Monday to find out if you can purchase a home is not a option in my opinion.
Did you or do you have a mentor? No
Highest interest rate you remember: 11% when I bought my first home in 1985, and 14% when inflation was out of Control during the Carter Presidency.
Favorite place to meet for a cup of joe?: Any espresso bar but if give the choice I would rather have a Martini at the Ho-Do.
When I cook at home I like to: Barbeque
Favorite family hangout: Our home on Long Lake in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.
One thing every consumer should keep in mind when searching for a mortgage is: This is probably one if not the most important financial decision you will possibly make in a lifetime. Your home is also part of your long term investment portfolio and needs to be treated as such. It is very important to make sure that your lender off.
What is the most gratifying part of lending? On a purchase actually seeing sellers and buyers exchange keys and garage door openers and knowing my clients obtained the best financing available for their credit profile. For my refinance clients knowing I was able to save them hundreds of dollar.
Your favorite charity is and why: The Boys and Girls Club of Detroit Lakes. Enabling all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens is very important to me. In our community as well as probably every other we need to invest in young kids, which is our future. Since joining the board two years ago and serving as board president for the last year supporting the leadership of our Executive director Pat Petermann we have been able to increase our after school attendance from 26 kids per day to over 100. We have been able to increase our membership by over 300 kids and serve thousands of meals to individuals who need them. The club is the positive place for kids to be. Check out to learn more. This website by the way is built and maintained by the kids and supervised by a staff member.

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